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What is Self-Reg Open Market Ecosystem?

In short, it is the freedom to direct your livelihood within the parameters determined by your collective peers.


Regulations are important. These help define the parameters for cohesive transactions.

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Open Market

Your capital earnings should reflect the same values as the free and democratic republic we reside in.

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An integrated end to end decentralized environment. Complete with finance, fulfillment and security.

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Existing outside all bounding border, state or region.

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Featuring UnitedCoin: Not Crypto, Not Fiat!

United Coin is a decentralized peer to peer barter coin backed by gold and silver.

Our main objective is to protect the wealth of the individual amid the uncertainty experienced by governmental organizations and international trade markets.

Introducing United Coin Sterling UCS

UnitedCoin UCC is a stable barter coin with direct decentralized peer to peer exchange - no middle man, immune to market manipulation and overvaluation experienced by traditional cryptocurrencies.

Preferred over central bank notes that are subject to parliamentary corruption and external control and cryptocurrencies that are speculatively traded and readily manipulated. Protecting your wealth against inflation while providing the versatility of liquidity.

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Save tons on marketing products and services.

WantListCC utilizes GPS to present your products and services locally. There is no cost to create your brand.

  • Integrated Fulfillment
  • No marketing fee
  • Locally promoted
  • Low shipping & processing fees
"There is no finer proof
than seeing it for yourself".

Don't take our word for it. There's no greater joy than to see the fruits of your labor. When all the administration, marketing, sales and fulfillment are handled, you can focus on your passion. Your Livelihood.

Vince Monarchi

Work More, Administer Less

IMAGINE: After getting paid to work hard all day. Working for free to send emails, find customers, take phone calls, book appointments. We are your free administrative team. We do all that. Stop working for free.

Go Offline

Turn work On and Off at will.


Nobody likes a salesman.
We sell. You execute.


Results Delivered. We move for you. We ship. We taxi.

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